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Self Service KB

  1. POS

    1. What do the POS icons mean at the top of the POS screen?
    2. Can notes for items display in POS or print on receipts?
    3. Sales tax is not printing on receipts
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  2. Manager

    1. How to redo a Physical Inventory worksheet that was committed before all counts were entered.
    2. Can I set min/max (ROP/RSL) for a child item but order parent item instead?
    3. How can I locate a customer by serial number for a product they purchased?
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  3. Hardware

    1. How do I set up OPOS drivers for the Epson TM-T88II, TM-88III, or TM-T88IV receipt printer?
    2. How to install ribbon for Cognitive thermal transfer label printer
    3. Epson POS drivers page
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  4. HeadQuarters

    1. How can I move reorder point and restock level from all store locations to HQ?
    2. Remove HQ tables; return db to single store mode
    3. Recast purchase history (from merged accounts with HQID=0)
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  5. DRS Add-ins

    1. DRS Linker error: Unable to connect to FTP server.
    2. V.I.P. Zone won't connect to db even with alias defined for named server
    3. SO Tracker replenishment codes fail to generate in HQ (SQL 2012 or higher)
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  6. Problem/Solution

    1. Can't drag desktop shortcut to taskbar
    2. Retail Realm database conflict error
    3. Windows installer message appears when POS or Manager starts
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  7. Installers

    1. Conversion using QSCimport
    2. Current installers
    3. Add DRS Help Desk button to POS
  8. Reports

    1. DRS Custom Reports/Templates Bundle
    2. Is there a report for drawer drops or payouts?
    3. How can I run a report to show sales by hour?
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  9. Software

    1. Reset RR plug-in password
    2. Database connection error after Windows 10 upgrade on server; Windows 10 issues
    3. "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations"
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  10. OS/Network

    1. Can't connect to shared printer over network
    2. Named pipe connection fails with any login credentials but IP address works
    3. IP pings but not PC name
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  11. SQL Server

    1. RMS db schema script
    2. 2008 R2 SQL Server Manager on Windows 10 (start/stop)
    3. Corrupted log file recovery
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  12. General

    1. DRS Add-ins may be freely distributed
    2. My DRS add-in expires 31 Jan 2022 instead of expected date in 2022.
    3. Retail Realm Countdown Notice for RMS End of Life -- What it really means.
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