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DRS Linker error: Unable to connect to FTP server.

If you receive this error in the activity log for DRS Linker, SmartEtailing, POS Sync task S1, it likely means the username (number) and password entered under the Configuration tab are invalid or have changed. Verify the credentials are correct for your SmartEtailing FTP folder and try again. If in doubt, contact SmartEtailing support to confirm you have the correct FTP credentials which are not the same as your SE Control Panel login.

You must also be logged into Windows as an admin user to configure DRS add-ins.
You can then enter Username (account number) and Password under the Configure tab for the task and select Save.
To test, select Run Now, wait a few minutes, then check the last log entry on file.
If still not working, you can ask SmarEtailing support to reset your password and enter the new password then retest.

If new password does not work, verify Windows Defender or any 3rd party security software is configured to allow DRSLinker.exe as an exception.
You can also test the link directly by visiting SmarEtailing's FTP server URL in a browser ( If your credentials work there, they should awork in DRS Linker - Setup.

If this error message appears for other suppliers, it means the supplier has changed their FTP connection requirements or no longer hosts catalog/inventory files for RMS users.
DRS Linker should continue to work as long as a linked supplier hosts and maintains the required file(s) on their FTP server to original specs.
If catalog data is no longer hosted, credentials have changed, or a file name has changed, Linker will fail to operate.
You will need to ask the supplier to return their FTP connection to match original specs for RMS users. If that is not possible you should disable the task in DRS Linker by selecting the task, Schedule tab, and click the Cancel button.

Please note all codebase changes for DRS Add-in have ended with the release of v3.3.
Support for DRS Add-ins is no longer available. The software is provided AS IS without warranty.

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