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How can I install and activate DRS Linker for my website?

DRS Linker SE (for SmartEtailing) is an optional feature that works with current edition of Bicycle Bundle or Bicycle Bundle Lite edition. Linker SE is activated within DRS Linker-Setup.

If DRS Linker is not currently installed, download the installer using the link provided from our help desk. Run the setup program and review the Help file included to configure DRS Linker for SmartEtailing.
DRS Linker can be installed on any PC with access to your RMS database but should be installed on a PC running 24/7 if you want automated uploads to occur.
We strongly suggest enabling the option to exclude inactive items or you will be sending item data for products no longer available from suppliers.

You will need to contact SmartEtailing to enable your FTP site link (username and password) for POS Sync and BuyLocalNow. Contact at (303) 527-0676 or

Setup requires you to enter the FTP credentials as supplied by (this is NOT the same as your website login). Next Schedule the task for daily or hourly operation, then click Run Now, wait a few minutes, and click View Log to verify the results.

If you require assistance with the installation, engage a support agent by starting a conversation.

TIP: To ensure the maximum number of items are linked, run JumpStart, select JumpStart tab, select Supplier File =, select a linked supplier, click Update button, select Update GTIN/MPN/Cost, click Update to run. Repeat these steps for each linked supplier enabled in Linker. 

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