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Bicycle Bundle - Current Edition and Upgrade

This add-in suite is for USA bicycle dealers only. There are separate installers for the Bicycle Bundle, V.I.P. Zone and Service Manager. For a similar suite without US bicycle supplier links, see installer articles for RMS Toolkit, Service Manager, and V.I.P. Zone. 

Setup and installation assistance for Bicycle Bundle is available. You can either follow the self-install instructions below or contact our support team if you'd like us to install the upgrade for you. Charges may apply.

The Bicycle Bundle can be installed on Store Operations or HeadQuarters version 1.2.0171 or higher. The final release of RMS was v1.3.1011 and the current release is v2.0.2022. To view the release version you are running, see Manager, Help, About.

RMS v1.2/1.3/2.0 Users: Microsoft has discontinued support for all versions. You can continue to run DRS add-ins with most versions of RMS, but support is only DRS or associate partners supporting our add-ins.

IMPORTANT: All RMS users deploying integrated card processing must run version 2.0.0155 or higher to meet PCI compliance. Failure to do so may result in fines, discontinuance of merchant processing services, plus penalties if you experience a security breach. A PCI compliant plug-in is required to meet all requirements.

Current Bicycle Bundle users: This update may clear the current database password on file and prompt you to re-enter it when running an application the first time. This is the same password as listed in Administrator, File, Configuration, Database tab. Make sure you know this password and the database name before proceeding.

If you have not done so already, download and unzip the installer to a shared drive on your network. This will expedite installation on multiple PCs. Once you download the file you will need to run the setup EXE from the unzipped folder.

Bicycle Bundle installer:

HQ Users: Install Bicycle Bundle at each store location first, then at HQ (over several days if necessary). No update is needed for HQ Bridge.

All Users: Prior to installing the Bundle at each workstation, run Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration. Verify the entries under the Register, Paths, and Templates tabs. The ONLY paths that should be pointing to the server are Crystal Reports, Labels, Reports, and Pictures. All other entries should be pointing to the local drive. Example: C: \Program Files\Microsoft Retail Management System\Store Operations\etc. NOTE: Pointing to the server is optional but recommended if you want your memorized and custom reports shared between all stations.

Step 1 -- Run the installer and SELECT THE APPROPRIATE COMPONENTS as indicated by the onscreen instructions and intended usage for the workstation. You can accept the default checkbox selections for your workstations. However, you MUST enable all checkboxes for your database server. See the right-hand column next to each checkbox for usage type. If you need assistance, contact DRS Support at or click the Help button in lower left to view detailed descriptions of each component.

Step 2 -- Repeat the installation on each PC at all store locations where Bicycle Bundle is currently installed, or where Bicycle Bundle is being added.

Step 3 (if required) -- RMS 1.x to 2.0 upgraders will need to run AutoGen on their RMS database server and click Generate to update triggers for 2.0 compliance. Failure to do so will result in "Ambiguous column name" error in RMS. If you are already running RMS 2.0, you can skip this step.

Step 4 -- You should also install DRS Service Manager and V.I.P. Zone. Both apps are included with Bicycle Bundle. Instructions for installation are located in separate articles in our Downloads/Installers section.

Step 6 -- Run DRS Linker on your database server and reschedule all activated tasks (shown with blue highlight). To reschedule, click Schedule, then enter your Windows admin user password. If you have not setup DRS Linker before, see IMPORTANT section below for details.

Visit if you need any assistance with your installation or upgrade. 

1. Supplier Links: If you have not already activated catalog integration you will need to activate links for any supported suppliers before use.

Run DRS Linker-Setup on the PC where this app was installed (normally the RMS database server), select the appropriate supplier, Schedule tab, and select Run Now for both availability (if listed) & catalog download. If you are a new user, the default schedule settings should be used. If you want to manually set schedules, you should stagger the connections and separate tasks by 5 minutes or more. Availability (if listed) is normally set to run once a day in the morning or hourly if the supplier updates more often, and Catalog Download can be set to run once a week (any day, usually on Monday).
IMPORTANT: You need a Windows User with Admin Rights and a password to use Windows Task Scheduler. If required, run Start, Settings, Control Panel, Users, select a user with admin rights, and add a password. You must also leave your database server on 24/7 for your supplier links to work. We also recommend all your PCs be left on 24/7 to ensure Windows Updates are installed.

2. Linker for If you have previously setup this option, you do not need to do anything extra. The latest version provides full GTIN support regardless of where you enter GTINs (UPC/EAN). If you are new client you will need to contact for FTP login credentials and to activate POS Sync and POS Specials. Note: GTINs can be added to existing items in batch mode using the Update GTIN feature in JumpStart. See JumpStart, JumpStart tab, Supplier File, select supplier, Update button, Help for details.

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