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Service Manager - Current Edition and Upgrade

Normally Service Manager is sent out as a trial packet by USPS Priority Mail. This packet includes sample SM-101 forms plus printed instructions. If you would like this sample packet sent, please send your mailing address to:

You can use the following installer and print on plain paper. However, the application is designed for use with forms to take advantage of all features. These forms typically include micro-perfs and folds that provide a worksheet section for the service technician (fits standard schedule boards), an ID bracelet for the repair article, plus a customer claim stub.

Custom layouts to meet special business needs can be constructed using Crystal Reports. If you need a US or A4 format to spec, edit one of the existing .rpt files and save to same name in CR8.5 format. The layout option in Setup will be ignored. If your service business involves scheduling professional services rather than repairs, you can ignore these functions and disable printing.

IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from an older version of Service Manager prior to current edition, make sure to uninstall the old version FIRST using Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs BEFORE installing the edition below.

Service Manager installer:

Service Manager installation/setup instructions:  (Example: US Bicycle Shop)

TIP: We suggest you copy the installer to a shared folder on the network or to a USB thumb drive that you can access from each PC for installation.

The base configuration requires only labor dept assignment (Setup, Defaults) and a labor rate (Setup, Resources). However, if you want to use the resource scheduling features, you must complete all checkbox entries noted in the installation guide. Please note the instructions for defining resources and why you should not necessarily assign service reps.

We also suggest you watch the setup and operating tutorials at:

Service Manager is a ‘resource planner’ as far as scheduling goes, not an employee scheduler. Resources are defined as service desks/workbenches which can optionally be assigned to specific service reps (if desired). Otherwise, a resource is simply a way to define how many man-hours are available per week based on days/hours defined.

Scheduling works best if your business uses a labor chart with pre-defined jobs with assigned values or time factors. For example, if the base labor rate is $75/hour and Overhaul XYZ costs $150, the calculated time factor would be 2 hours. However, if this job normally takes 90 minutes enter 90 into UofM (Item Properties) and Service Manager will ignore the $150 value when calculating the time factor. You can also use UofM for non-chargeable labor entries that take time but aren’t assigned a dollar value. Example, a warranty check-over that is no charge but takes 15 minutes.

If your labor chart is extensive (as shown in the tutorial), the most common job codes can be assigned as quick list entries for fast lookup. Note to bike dealers: Barnett’s Ultimate Flat Rate Chat can be added to your RMS database by request.

TIP: Print out the Step-by-Step Quick Guide topic located in the Help file. The two modes of operation are to either use Service Manager directly to create estimates onscreen, or pre-print estimate worksheets for use on clipboards (and later re-entry into Service Manager).

Setup and installation assistance is available via live chat and remote logon session (9am-6pm weekdays, EST) from our online help desk (


To utilize email notification, run Setup, select Notify tab, enter and test your SMTP setting, check Verified, and you are ready to go. If you have any issues testing SMTP, use your ISP email account credentials for SMTP and your normal email address for as the reply address.

If you have a V.I.P. Zone license, you should enable the app link under Setup, Defaults tab. This feature only works for Service Manager run from the desktop shortcut, not in POS (where you should run V.I.P. Zone first before calling Service Manager).

If you want a fixed pick-up time configured for all jobs such as 5pm, see Setup, Resources tab, Due Date. Click Help for explanation of floating versus fixed.

If you don't wish to use resource planning with the schedule board, leave Resources undefined in Setup and you will no longer be prompted to schedule service estimates.

To check item availability from supported suppliers, double click on ILC from Order Details or Estimate form and click Check Stock, or use F2 Search, highlight an item in the results screen and press F2. (This feature works for US bicycle or hobby stores only.)

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