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RMS Toolkit - Current Edition and Upgrade

Bicycle Bundle or Hobby Bundle users should refer to separate articles for those suites. RMS Toolkit is a generic suite minus any industry-specific add-ins included in Bicycle or Hobby Bundle. 

Current RMS Toolkit users (AutoGen, Power Ops, Serial Editor, SO Tracker, DRS Tools, Status Window/TenderView): If you are currently running a prior version of Toolkit (2005-2010) other than the 2011/2012 editions, you should UNINSTALL the prior versions before upgrading. Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall any Toolkit or associated entry listed. Then proceed with the installation steps below. Repeat on all workstations where RMS Toolkit is installed. Please note V.I.P Zone requires a separate installer (see V.I.P. Zone article).

RMS 2.0 upgraders: If you are upgrading to RMS 2.0 from 1.x at the same time, you will need to run AutoGen on your RMS server after upgrading RMS Toolkit. Click Generate to update the triggers for 2.0 compliance.

Note: Matrix Master is comprised of AutoGen and Power Ops, two of the utilities included in RMS Toolkit. You can choose which components to install during installation.

Note: The custom reports included are formatted for the US market only. Some reports will need to be edited for use in markets that deploy VAT. Custom report services are available from MS Support or by posting your request on the RMS newsgroup.

We suggest you download and unzip the RMS Toolkit installer to a shared drive on your network. This will expedite installation on multiple PCs. 

- In HQ environments, you should install the add-ins at the store level BEFORE installing a HQ.
- If you have created any custom reports, labels, or templates you should backup those files and folders before installation. Backup all sub-folders under Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations including Reports, ReceiptTemplates, CrystalReports, and Labels.
- RMS 2.0 users should confirm you are NOT running on 2.0.0105 (see Manager, Help, About). This is the original CD version pressed in December 2006. There have been numerous hot fixes issued since that date, several of them crucial that affect our add-ins. The current release is 2.0.2022.
- If you are using the integrated card processing in RMS with debit cards, there is a bug in the POS program that prevents displaying customer account information while a PIN pad entry is processed. To resolve this problem, Named Pipes must be added as the FIRST protocol for your network at all register stations and on your server. You also need to configure SQL Server to use Named Pipes before TCP/IP as client protocols. If you need instructions on how to do this, please contact our support team.
- Windows 7/8: You must right-click on the desktop or Start menu shortcut after installation and select Properties, Compatibility tab, Change settings for all Users, enable ‘Run this program as an administrator’, OK, OK.

RMS Toolkit installer:

Windows 7/8/10: Must install app as admin and set app shortcuts to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Follow the onscreen instructions and Help files. If this is your first installation of RMS Toolkit it is important to setup the components correctly before use. Read the RMS Toolkit Help file added to the desktop for overview instructions. Read the individual Help files for setup instructions for each application. It is especially important to install and configure AutoGen before using other Toolkit utilities that rely on AutoGen (like Power Ops). 

A V.I.P. Zone license is included with RMS Toolkit. See separate article for installation instructions.
A Service Manager license is included with RMS Toolkit. See separate article for installation instructions.

If you would like assistance with setup and operation, please visit and start a conversation. If a support technician is available, a chat session will begin, or you will receive further instructions by email. If necessary, we will logon to your system to complete the install. There is no charge for support assistance during initial setup (first time user) or for users on active AMPs (annual maintenance plan).

It is also a good idea to review our recorded tutorials at:

To uninstall RMS Toolkit at any time, complete these steps.
1) Run AutoGen on your RMS server by selecting Manager, Utilities, Add-ins, DRS AutoGen. Uncheck all options and click Generate.
2) Select Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, DRS RMS Toolkit.
3) Run Manager, Database, Registers, Custom POS Buttons and remove any custom POS buttons added. 

If you are receiving the error "Tool ID already exists" in Manager after installing the Toolkit, it means you already have a report on file with a near identical name. We have tried to keep our report names meaningful so other custom reports you have created or collected could cause this error. To resolve this issue:
1) Run My Computer and locate the folder called Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations, Reports.
2) Sort the Reports folder by file name and look for a report with near identical spelling. The problem report likely starts with "Custom -". The difference may be upper versus lowercase letters or an extra space in the report name.
3) Delete the near identical report or rename it.

We hope you enjoy our RMS Toolkit enhancements for Microsoft RMS. 

HQ users: If you intend to deploy SO Tracker in a HQ multi-store environment, you will need to request download instructions for HQ Bridge after SO Tracker has been installed at all locations.

BICYCLE DEALERS: The Bicycle Bundle is an expanded version of RMS Toolkit with additional components. This includes JumpStart (product catalog import/update integration for QBP, Giant, and other suppliers), PO Loader (supplier order entry integration) and DRS Linker (automated links to/from trading partners), plus Service Manager (enhanced workorders with scheduling). 

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