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Feature Pack 1 (FP1) Upgrade

To view your current release edition, see Manager, Help, About.*
Anything less than 2.0.015x can be upgraded if you have the required installation files.

Download: Feature Pack 1 (FP1) + Service Pack 4 (SP4) + Latest Hot Fix + MS Fixit 50537
You can request latest Hot Fix and MS Fixit by filing a support request with DRS Help Desk.


  1. Z out all registers
  2. Settle EDC Batch (if using integrated card processing)
  3. Backup RMS db -- both Store Operations and HQ if multi-store
  4. Backup Labels, Reports, Crystal Reports, Receipt Templates folders for Store Operations Manager and HQ Manager.


  1. Install FP1
  2. Install SP4
  3. Install Latest Hotfix
  4. Run Administrator, File, Connect, enter SQL password, followed by Database, Upgrade.
  5. Run MS Fixit – not required if new RMS user -- (local), db name, password
  6. Reload X/Z report template in Manager, Databases, Registers, Receipt Template (for each template defined with an X/Z entry). Exit POS (if already running), then start POS and Z out all registers again.
  7. Restore any customized labels/reports/templates backed up in Preparation Step 4.

List of changes in RMS 2.0.015x

- Feature Pack 1 doc:
- Order guidance info in Purchase Orders (4 views); you can disable as default view in PO options (Manager, File, Configuration, Options).
- Turnover and GMROI reports in Manager, Reports, Items.
- Inventory Valuation by date report in Manager, Reports, Items (enter date range desired; default = today).
- Partial PO processing – 3 options: leave as partial, close PO and remove backordered items, carry forward backorders to a new, related PO.
- Landed cost calculation when receiving PO’s (freight allocation).
- Voucher reporting – If you are using the voucher system in RMS, gift cards (vouchers) are no longer counted as revenue on Z reports. Separate GL entries now indicate voucher sales and redemption as long as you did not skip Step 6 above. If using Vantiv/Worldpay gift cards, everything stays the same as before. Voucher sales should also display as a separate line entry in the Register Analysis report. If not, replace the Register Analysis report in Program Files, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Store Operations, Crystal Reports with the two files attached below.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please visit and start a conversation. Installation service is available upon request starting with your database server.

*For list of all changes and fixes issued since your prior release was installed, see this hot fix doc:


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