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ActiveX Component Cannot Create Objects; Runtime error 429

If this error occurs during the initial install of RMS on a new Windows 10 PC, see instructions at bottom of this article. Otherwise continue reading.

You have installed or uninstalled another program that has removed Active-X components required by Microsoft RMS. Typically this error occurs when installing or uninstalling a printer driver. Or a third party firewall utility has unregistered these components in Windows.

To resolve this issue you will need to reinstall Microsoft RMS on the affected PC.

Make sure you are logged into Windows with administrator privileges.

1. Go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, locate Microsoft Retail Management System, and select Remove. This does not affect your RMS database.

2. Answer No if prompted to restart.

3. Insert the RMS installation CD and complete the installation. Or use the 2.0 installer located in the MRMStransfer folder on your server (if DRS installed RMS for you).

4. Restart the PC.

Run Store Operations Manager and select Help, About. Note the version number listed (ex. 1.3.0208 or 2.0.0110). Compare this version with Microsoft RMS running on your server. If different, proceed with the steps below.

5. Locate the MRMStransfer folder on your RMS server. If this is a workstation this folder can be located in My Computer under Network Places. If you have downloaded RMS hot fixes to another PC or folder, locate that folder instead.

6. Run any hot fixes found that begin with "Retail" starting with the oldest dated file first. This ensures your workstation is running the same version of Microsoft RMS as your server. All PCs on your network should be running the same version of RMS.

Note: To determine the most recent version number of RMS, search this knowledge base for "version". 

Windows 10: When installing RMS on a PC already running Windows 10, you should first install SQL Server Backward Compatibility (BC) before installing RMS.
32 bit installer:
64 bit installer:
Also make sure Windows Updates are current after installing BC and RMS.


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