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Where can I download Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 installer?

Save installer to a shared folder on your database server so installer can be accessed from any PC.
We suggest using the folder MRMStransfer if this folder already exists on your RMS database server under Users/Public.

RMS Store Operations 2.0 CD installer files (2.0.0105): 
Select this option for Windows 10.

IMPORTANT: The base installer is the original version of RMS. You must also install any service packs or hot fixes to match the same version of RMS running on other PCs. See Manager, Help, About for version/build (ex, 2.0.0157). If you do not have the required files and can't locate them in the MRMStransfer folder, you can file a support request with DRS Help Desk to obtain these files.
Other steps to properly reinstall RMS include SQL configuration, network client protocols, station ID assignment, database connection parameters, activate POS lane license, configure OPOS drivers, and more. If you need installation assistance, please contact our help desk.

Note1: If DRS installed your system you will find all required hotfix and add-in installers in the MRMStransfer folder on your database server (typically under Users/Public). This folder may also exist on workstations.

Note2: If you skip SQL Server during RMS install (SQL Is only required on database server or POS lanes where offline terminal mode will be used) the SQL backward compatibility (BC) tool will need to be installed as well. Use one of the following links. On Windows 10 the BC installer MUST BE RUN BEFORE installing RMS whether SQL will be installed or not.


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