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Is Microsoft RMS compatibile with Windows 10?

Microsoft RMS 2.0 and POS 2009 has been tested by MS Dynamics with Windows 10 without any reported issues other than 1) same touchscreen problem reported for POS lanes running Windows 8 (i.e., cursor control and numeric pad issues in POS screen when run in tablet mode), plus 2) keyboard macros in POS are not fully supported (OS issue), and 3) Windows Update can affect the RMS install log (requires a reinstall of RMS to fix using CD installer). WARNING: Verifone 1000se PIN pads should be replaced with EMV compliant devices along with a PCI compliant plug-in to process credit cards).  

DRS Help Desk recommends RMS version 2.0.100x and higher on Windows 7/8/10. To verify the version you are running see Store Operations Manager, Help, About. SQL Server 2005 can work if the required Service Pack is installed. However, the required version on Windows 8/10 is SQL Express 2008 R2 especially if you are close to the 4G limit in 2005.

Windows 10 was a free upgrade for Windows 7/8 users until July 29th, 2016. However, the free upgrade page continues to work (search for "Windows 10 free" on CNet or similar how-to articles). New PCs will have Windows 10 pre-loaded with compatible drivers. Old hardware may not be compatible or suffer performance issues after a Windows 10 upgrade.

Windows 7 was Vista fixed. Windows 10 is Windows 8 fixed. ;-) Keep in mind Windows 10 is a continually updated service, not configurable Windows Updates as in past editions. You want the Pro edition (for business) not the Home Edition (for consumers). The Pro version is installed during the upgrade as long as Windows 7/8 Pro is your current OS.

XP/Vista users: If you been wary of upgrading your PCs due to the OS shock, Windows 10 is for you (no learning curve). However, many older XP PCs cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 due to hardware issues. The exception is a PC that included Windows 7 Pro originally with a downgrade to XP Pro or Vista Business. Most Windows 7 PCs can be upgraded to Windows 10, but Microsoft does not guarantee all hardware drivers are supported as that is up to the driver manufacturer. If you do have an XP/Vista PC that includes a Windows 7 factory restore option, you'll need to install that first before upgrading to Windows 10. RMS and associated files will need to be reinstalled after the upgrade using the CD installer (not the RMS download installer).

TIP: Don't carry your old baggage from XP/Vista to Windows 10 such as Norton or 3rd party anti-virus and security tools. Windows 10 has all the security you need built in and enabled by default. Unless you are a power user who relies on extensions, we also suggest you consider retiring Firefox as your browser and evaluate Chrome or the new Edge browser in Windows 10. 

IMPORTANT: If you do elect to upgrade a Windows 7/8 PC to Windows 10, select the option to retain everything. Do not wipe the drive and start over.

Windows 7 users: Windows 7 Pro remains a viable platform for POS lanes due to 100% compatibility with all potential peripheral drivers and RMS add-ins, plus full support for all touchscreen options in POS. There is no compelling reason to upgrade a dedicated register lane station which operates in POS all day long. However, with MS support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020 you'll want to lock down the OS by then (no active browser, no email processing, plus a 3rd party security app supporting Windows 7 after that date). Windows 10 is a clear improvement for back office PCs or workstations where you frequently multi-task and run applications other than RMS. The shock of the touch-centric Modern UI introduced in Windows 8 is gone and the familiar desktop functions of Windows 7 are back -- and improved. See this overview article for pros and cons:
TIP: Run Device Manager after upgrading and verify all devices are running compatible drivers (no exclamation point or red X indicator). If required, click on the problem entry and search for an updated driver.

Windows 8 users: By all means upgrade to Windows 10 keeping in mind updates are required not optional. The upgrade process takes an hour plus on most PCs; longer if you also need to upgrade SQL Server afterwards. All objections Windows 7 users had moving to Windows 8 have been resolved whether you run with a touchscreen monitor or keyboard/mouse only. Windows 10 really is Windows 8 fixed with some slick new features. For example, the Start menu is back (and improved), Modern UI apps (from Microsoft Store) do NOT take over the screen by default or require corner swipe/mouse drag to close, and the annoying Charms are replaced with easy access to Settings (new app), and more. Plus there is Virtual Desktop for power users (create multiple desktops and flip between them).

WARNING: If you are replacing a POS lane PC with a new Windows 10 CPU, make sure the replacement PC includes any legacy ports required for peripherals such as receipt printer, pole display, PIN pad, barcode printer, etc. Those devices may require a COM port or parallel port card (do NOT try using a USB cable adapter). Also note that Windows 10 does NOT currently support all RMS add-ins designed for use at POS lanes. Most notably this includes some EMV plug-in software. To ensure 100% compatibility of hardware drivers and add-ins for POS, stick with Windows 7 Pro.
WARNING: Verifone 1000se PIN pads and older PIN pads should be replaced with EMV compliant devices along with a PCI compliant plug-in to process credit cards. 

Windows 10: When installing RMS on a PC already running Windows 10, you should first install SQL Server Backward Compatibility (BC) before installing RMS. Also make sure to install RMS using the CD install files, not the download installer.
32 bit BC installer: 
64 bit BC installer: 
Make sure Windows Updates are current after installing BC and RMS.
Once the CD version of RMS is installed you must also install any required hot fixes and service packs to match the version of RMS you are currently running. See Manager, Help, About for version/build.
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