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Current installers

RMS 2.0.0105 CD installer files:  Microsoft Dynamics RMS Install - Digital Retail Solutions Inc. (

Please note there are many steps required to complete an RMS installation on a Windows 10 PC including specific hotfixes or service packs required to match the version of RMS currently in use on other stations. Assistance is available on a pay-per-incident basis. For support options see this article -- DRS Support options (pay per incident or active AMP) - Digital Retail Solutions ( 

DRS Add-in users --

IMPORTANT: Uninstall any prior DRS add-in edition (other than 2011/2012 or later) using Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs before installing an upgrade. Windows 7/10: Must install apps as admin and set app shortcuts to Run as Administrator for All Users after installed (Compatibility tab).

Bicycle Bundle installer:
If upgrading any edition prior to 2011/2012, must uninstall old version first.
Post install: reset scheduled tasks for Linker/add new ones if required, set home warehouse locations per supplier in JumpStart, enable Validate upon View in VZ (desktop and POS); show how to send in upgrade key request when done  
Note: Switch TenderView to Internal HTML Window on FP2 or higher. 

RMS Toolkit installer:
V.I.P. Zone installer:
Individual installers follow same pattern (uninstall old release prior to 2011/2012 if upgrading older version).
SO Tracker installer:
Power Ops installer:
Serial Editor installer:
SWAT Search installer:
Service Manager installer:
Installation instructions:

RMS upgrades:

If moving from 2.0.0128 or below to FP1 or higher, you need:
FP1 (0150) + SP4 (0155) + FP2 (1000) + corresponding hot fix
Current recommended editions are 2.0.0166 or 2.0.1006 or 2.0.2007 depending on your qualifying edition.

RMS installs with SQL Server on Windows 10 require:
Bypass two SQL error messages during installation.
Run Windows Updates to obtain SQL Service Pack (may need to select the option to get all MS apps updates).
SQL Configuration: Named Pipes first
SQL Surface Configuration/Services/Remote Connections: enable both Named Pipes and TCP/IP (if not already enabled)
SQL Surface Configuration/Features: enable OPENROWSET
Upgrade to SQL 2008 R2 Express.
Client Network Utility: Named Pipes followed by TCP/IP  (server name to alias should not be required unless VZ won't connect)
On workstations without SQL, install BC (backward compatibility) for 32 or 64 bit BEFORE installing RMS. 

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