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How can I re-format my server (or replace a hard drive) and re-install RMS with the required updates and the Bicycle Bundle?

Complete the following backups:

1. Backup your RMS database using Manager or Administrator.

2. Backup your RMS sub-folders -- all folders listed under Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations, but not including Store Operations (ex. Reports, ReceiptTemplates, Addins, etc.)

3. Backup the folder MRMStransfer -- this contains all DRS related enhancements such as the Bicycle Bundle or RMS service packs

Once you have completed your drive reformat (or replacement) and installed Windows, proceed with the following:

4. Install Store Operations from the original CD installer files. Do not use the download installer (MSI) with Windows 10.

5. Install the MRMStransfer folder.

6. Install the Store Operations sub-folders.

7. Run any RMS service packs or hot fixes in the MRMStransfer folder (they will have RETAIL in the filename; run oldest file first if more than one)

8. Run the Bicycle Bundle installation from the MRMStransfer folder. If you do not have the most recent copy of the installer contact DRS Support for assistance.

9. Restore your RMS database under the same name as the original using Store Administrator (follow the instructions for RMS quickstart, but substitute your backup file from Step 1 above for "RMSsample.dbk".

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