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What is the current version of Microsoft RMS? (Hot Fix List)

Recommended versions include 2.0.0116, 2.0128, 2.0.0157-0166, and 2.0.1006.
Problem releases include 2.0.0105, 2.0.0112, 2.0150, 2.0.0151, 2.0.1000, 2.0.2000, and 2.0.2014.
Only 2.0.0155 or higher are PCI compliant if you are using native integrated card processing.
The recommended SQL Server release is SQL 2005 Express, installed as a (local) instance which is the default configuration for RMS. This instance can be upgraded to 2008 Express R2 if you exceed the 4G limit in 2005 edition or your server OS is Windows 10.

To determine the version of RMS you are running, go to Manager and select Help, About. 

Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) versions -

2.0.2022 (initial release + Cumulative Update 5 + hot fixes)
2.0.1007 (initial release + Feature Pack 1 + SP4 + Feature Pack 2 + hot fixes)
2.0.0166 (initial release + Feature Pack 1 + hot fixes)
2.0.0128 (initial release + SP2 + SP3 + hot fixes)
2.0.0116 (initial release + SP2)
1.3.1012 (final 1.3R release + hot fixes) -- Microsoft support discontinued as of 3/2011
1.3.0208 (final 1.3 release + hot fixes)
1.2.0189 (final 1.2 version + hot fixes) -- Microsoft support discontinued as of 3/2007

NOTE: All RMS applications must be running the SAME version on ALL PCs on your network. This includes Store Operations POS, Store Operations Manager, HeadQuarters Manager, HeadQuarters Client, HeadQuarters Server.

The attached documents outline all updates and hot fixes available for versions 1.2 and 1.3.
2.0 users should refer to this document:

For the latest information on updates and upgrades, be sure to check the News section on our help desk.

RMS version 2.0.0105 was originally released in January 2007 (CD pressing December 2006). Microsoft will discontinue support for this edition as of July 2021.

RMS version 1.3.1002 Refresh was originally released in June 2006. This version requires XP or Window 2000 SP4. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of October 2010.

RMS version 1.3.0203 was originally released in November 2005. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of June 2009.

RMS version 1.2.0151 was originally released in June 2003. If you are running this edition, you are missing important upgrades and hot fixes. Microsoft has discontinued support for this edition as of March 2007. Contact our sales office for upgrade instructions.

To view release dates for all hot fixes, see attached documents below.  

See additional article on this knowledge base for current DRS add-ins versions.

IMPORTANT: You can file a support request with DRS Help Desk to obtain Hot Fixes or Service Packs.

A Word to the Wise: Hot fixes are not foolproof, nor have they undergone extensive testing in the field. Unless you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms described in a hot fix update, do not blindly install a hot fix just to keep up to date. Always make a backup before installing a hot fix and heed the following warning from Microsoft Dynamics regarding all hot fixes.

"WARNING: This hotfix has not undergone full testing. Therefore, it is intended only for systems or computers that are experiencing the exact problem that is described in the one or more Microsoft Knowledge Base articles. If you are not sure whether any special compatibility or installation issues are associated with this hotfix, we encourage you to wait for the next service pack release. The service pack will include a fully tested version of this fix. We understand that it can be difficult to determine whether any compatibility or installation issues are associated with a hotfix."


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