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DRS LInker has stopped working to sync supplier catalogs or POS Sync

DRS Linker is normally installed on your RMS database server.
You can view the last successful link for any enabled task by running DRS Linker-Setup, select a task, select Schedule tab, and note the date/time of last connection in the History pane.
To troubleshoot a task, click View Log, open the most recent log, and scroll to the bottom.

If all tasks have stopped working it likely means you changed the Windows admin user password on the PC.
To re-enable the tasks, select Schedule tab, click Schedule button, and enter the admin user password. Repeat for all tasks you want enabled. If an error appears when entering the password, make sure the password is correct and you are logged in as that user.

If a task is not running automatically per schedule you can also select Run Now, wait a few minutes, then view the log to determine the results.

Note:  You must configure Linker SE by selecting the Configure tab and entering your FTP POS Sync credentials as supplied by The credentials are NOT the same as your control panel login. If those credentials have changed (ex, new password) you will need to update the entries on the Configure tab and Save.



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