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What are current versions of DRS Add-ins?

Digital Retail Solutions Add-ins include the following components.
To view version currently installed on your PC, run the application and select About, About in top menu.

IMPORTANT: All add-ins should be updated to version 3.3 before January 31, 2022. The final release editions of our add-ins DO NOT EXPIRE and DO NOT REQUIRE A LICENSE KEY. If you receive an expired message, it means version 3.3 is not installed.  See the 3.3 update article for instructions. If you install on a new PC the add-in may display a 30-day demo message that will disappear after 30 days.

AutoGen - 3.3.0000

BS-CRM Interlink - 3.3.0000

DRS Tools - 3.3.0000

HQ Bridge - 3.3.0000

JumpStart - 3.3.0000 

DRS Linker - 3.3.0000

DRS Linker/Hobby - 3.3.0000

PO Loader - 3.3.0000

PO Loader/Hobby -

Power Ops - 3.3.0000

Serial Editor - 3.3.0000

Service Manager - 3.3.0000

SO Tracker - 3.3.0000

SWAT Search - 3.3.0000

V.I.P. Zone -

To view the version you are running select About, About within the application. 

If your application is not up to date, you can download the installer from the Downloads section of our Knowledgebase (KB). 

All current installers are also included in the 3.3 update article:
3.3 update is available for DRS Add-ins to remove hardcoded expiry date of 31 January 2022 - Digital Retail Solutions (

IMPORTANT: Please note DRS does not support RMS or DRS add-ins on SQL versions higher than 2008 R2. Problems have been reported with SQL 2012 or higher.

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