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My DRS add-in expires 31 Jan 2022 instead of expected date in 2022.

All DRS add-ins version 3.2.x have a codebase end date of 31 January 2022 regardless of the license key expiry date. This includes AutoGen, DRS Tools, DRS Linker, Linker SE, Power Ops, JumpStart, Serial Editor, SO Tracker, PO Loader, SWAT Search, Service Manager, and V.I.P. Zone plus our bundled suites Bicycle Bundle, Hobby Bundle, and RMS Toolkit.

A licensing update will be released on January 15th to resolve the expiry date issue for all users.
Step-by-step instructions will be posted on this site ( when download installers are made available.
Install the update on all PCs running the application(s). No license key change will be required.
You can alternately ask a support operator to perform this task for you.

IMPORTANT: There will be no interruption in service running our add-ins as long as you install the update before January 31. Our app(s) warn you 30 days before expiry date and start blinking the last 15 days. When the blinking message appears, please visit this site and follow the instructions to install the update.


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