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SO Tracker replenishment codes fail to generate in HQ (SQL 2012 or higher)

Issue: AutoGen triggers will not operate as expected in SQL versions higher than 2008 R2.

Symptom: Replenishment codes fail to generate when a store location runs low in SO Tracker at a POS station.

Resolution: Reset AutoGen trigger and manually create SO trigger item in HQ Manager.

1. Run AutoGen on HQ server PC.

2. Disable (uncheck) SO trigger entry and click Generate.

3. Run HQ Manager, enable Maintenance Mode, search for item ILC = SO and if found rename the ILC (example, SObadxxx), make Inactive, then Save changes.

4. Return to AutoGen, enable SO trigger, click Generate, then close AutoGen.
IMPORTANT: SO trigger defaults to 99 replenishment codes per store location. Over time duplicates may occur and you may need to increase the trigger to a higher count such as 199, 299, etc. To do this you will need to disable the trigger as above then increase the count and reenable. However, with each increase the pool of numbers expands for every location. Raising the number to 999 should be expressly avoided as that will create 999 codes times the number of locations defined in HQ. Eventually the code replenishment procedure will cease to work at one or more locations. There is no resolution for this problem

5. Return to HQ Manager in maintenance mode and manually create a new item with ILC = SO. (No other field needs to be populated.) No entry should appear if the trigger is working properly (SQL 2005/2008). However, a new 'bogus' SO item will appear during this step with SQL 2012 and higher. Ignore this entry until the next time replenishment codes are required at any store locations then repeat the steps above.

6. Wait 5 minutes for HQ Bridge to generate a WS250 in background for the replenishment codes. Then wait for next scheduled 401 connection between stores or run HQ Client at each store and press F5 to force a 401 connection. HQ Client screen should indicate 'New items' processed.
IMPORTANT: Do not manually create a WS 250 for the replenishment codes. Allow HQ Bridge to complete this step in background (occurs within 5 minutes). If that does not happen make sure HQ Bridge is running in background on the HQ server. You can verify the app is running by viewing the last entry in the most recent log file (C:DRS, HQ Bridge, Log).

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