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When I use AutoGen to create a new item a pop-up warning says duplicate item on file A or AC

- AutoGen is not required to add new items to your database. You can manually assign item lookup codes to new items if AutoGen stops working. If AutoGen has stopped working follow the steps below to resolve the problem.
- You cannot use AutoGen for Matrices, Lot Matrices or Assembly codes. We also don't suggest using the AC option with New Item Wizard in RMS. If you do, AC will be assigned as lookup code each time an employee forgets to assign a category before saving. 

Step 1 - Rename: If "a" or "ac" is assigned to an item, matrix class, lot matrix, or assembly in error, you must locate that entry and rename it. Search your item database for A or AC as the ILC. Rename that entry to something else (not AC), save the change, then follow the instructions below to reset AutoGen. Once reset you can recall any temp lookup code asssigned and enter AC to renumber the item. 

If you cannot locate A or AC as the ILC, it may be associated with an Inactive item or assigned as an Alias. Run the Quantity or Price List report with the Inactive filter removed, then sort by ILC. Or run the Alias List report and look for the offending entry.

The fastest way to find the offending entry is to use Power Ops and perform a text search using "=AC" or "=A" with Include Inactive checkbox enabled. If an item found does not have ILC=AC check the Alias listings for that item under View, ILC, Alias list (...) button. You can also check for the presence of the invalid lookup code under matrix class entries (Ctrl-M) or assemblies (Ctrl-A) or by selecting those options in upper right dropdown filter of Power Ops main screen.

TIP: =xxx finds an exact match in Power Ops. Example, "=ac" not "ac". Power Ops supports exact match search using the = sign, plus & and % operands for advanced searches -- see Power Ops Help for details.

Step 2 - Reset: If A or AC is no longer functioning, run AutoGen, disable the A or AC option and click Generate. Then enable the setting again and click Generate. This will reset the trigger. Example: Category + 4 digits for AC option. If you have run out of room in the sequential range, increate to next sequential option (Example, Category + 5 digits).

AutoGen is normally installed on your RMS database server and can be found under Start, Programs, Digital Retail Solutions, DRS AutoGen, or Store Operations Manager, Utilities, Add-ins on the database server.

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, contact DRS Support for further assistance at

TIP: Never set Find as the default search routine for Items. If you use matrix, lot matrix, or assemblies in your business, you need Lookup to be the default in RMS. If Find has been enabled in error, go to Manager, File, Configuration, Options, Items and make sure the checkbox for "Always display Find" is NOT enabled.

SO Tracker in HQ environment: If AutoGen was allowed to expire, the SO trigger in AutoGen will stop working and also needs to be reset following similar steps. Locate the SO item in HQ while in Maintenance Mode, rename item lookup code to to something else such as "Invalid entry", make it Inactive, then reset the SO trigger in AutoGen (disable, Generate, enable, Generate).

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