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How can I autogenerate item lookup codes?

The easiest way to generate a unique code for an item is to scan in the UPC for that product. If you carry items that don't have a UPC, or you prefer to enter the UPC as an Alias, you will need to assign a unique ILC (item lookup code) for each product.

We also offer an add-in feature to auto-generate ILCs called AutoGen. Once installed there are several options to generate item lookup codes.

Option 1) Autogenerate a 5-8 digit sequential number.

Option 2) Autogenerate a 3 to 5 digit sequential number with a category prefix.

Option 3) Autogenerate a 3 to 5 digit sequential number with a supplier code prefix.


a -> 102982 (sequential number)
ac -> ACLI093 (sequential 3 digit with category code where ACLI is the category code)
as -> ACME0145 (sequential 4 digit with supplier code prefix)

The numbers of sequential digits can be set to 5, 6, 7, or 8 depending on whether you are starting from scratch or you have a converted database that may already include a number range in use.

To generate the item code quickly, simply enter a, ac, or as for the Item Lookup Code. When you click OK to save your new entry, the code will be auto-generated.

You can use AutoGen to assign ILCs using the New Item Wizard, but this will only work for Standard, Serialized, or Non-Inventory types. Kits, Matrix, Assemblies and Lot Matrix are not supported with AutoGen since the use a separate class table. However, you can quickly renumber matrix component items generated with the wizard by deploying one of the two options described above. You can renumber any item in your system by changing the ILC to a, ac, or as (depending on which options are enabled).

AutoGen also includes functions to automate special order item generationn when used with our Special Order Tracker add-in, or to automate barcode type for all tems, or to automate copying SRN to Alias or new or edited items.

You can continue to manually assign codes as needed, independent of the AutoGen option.

If you add a class lookup code of 'a' or 'ac' by mistake you will need to remove this code from the system before AutoGen will work again.

AutoGen works with the New Item Wizard if you select Standard, Serialized or Non-Inventory, but not if you select Matrix, Kit, Assembly or Lot Matrix.

When those options are selected the wizard prompts for a starting lookup code, such as 100, then appends numbers to that code to create a worksheet. The worksheet is then committed to the database.

If you are using sequential digits for your item codes, you can assign 3 or 4 digit numbers as the base matrix master. You can easily look up the last number used in Lookup, sorted by Type = M.

If you are using categorized codes, you can easily lookup the next code in the series, such as ACLI094, and insert that in the New Item Wizard as the unique starting code. The New Item Wizard takes over from there. For sequentially numbered items you can start with a lower number such as 100 as the base code. The New Item Wizard will then append that code with 6 additional digits, such as 100010101.

IMPORTANT: You should not use AutoGen for Matrix, Lot Matrixs or Assembly codes. If you assign "a", "ac", or "as" to one of those entries in error, locate the entry and rename it. Otherwise AutoGen will stop working. To renable AutoGen locate the offending item and rename the ILC to something other than "a", "ac", or "as".
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