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How do I add a new item to an existing matrix?

The easiest way to add items to an existing matrix is to use DRS Power Ops. Locate the matrix class item (M code), double-lick to view the matrix grid, then follow the onscreen instructions to add to the matrix. You can add to a matrix in one of three ways. See the detailed Help file in Power Ops. If you do not have this power tool, follow the instructions below.

First and foremost, whenever you use the RMS New Item Wizard to add matrix items you should enter all variations you might order in the future, not just the items you are ordering.

Example: If the product comes in sizes XS to XL and Red, Blue and Yellow, enter all these sizes and colors when first adding this product to your item database.

To add a missing item to an existing matrix, first locate an existing item that is the closest match. Example: Find a Small, Blue if you need to add Medium, Blue.

Select Copy then update the General tab, Alias, Inventory tab, and Supplier tab with the correct information. Don't skip the Inventory tab or quantities may be added unintentionally.

After the new item is added locate the matrix master code (class lookup). These items are identified with M as the Type. Double-click on this item and select Add at the bottom. Locate the new item you just added, complete the column entries as needed and click OK.

It doesn't matter if the new matrix addition has a different Item Lookup Number than the sequentially generated numbers from the original matrix, but you can change the ILC if you want.
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