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How can I setup employee discounts?

Assign the employee to a customer account.
Select Customer Account, Properties, Options tab and enter a discount percent or price level.
Example: 30% discount or Price Level C.

If you want to deploy price levels for this purpose, you will first need to apply a price formula to all items.
Example: Cost+10% for Price Level C
Select Manager, Wizards, Inventory Wizard, Task 110 Change Item Prices, select appropriate Depts only (if not all), Markup from Cost, 10.00%, Level C, Next.
Skip rounding (Next) then Finish.
Review worksheet entries before selecting Commit.
If HQ, issue a worksheet 250 for all store locations.

If you have DRS add-ins installed such as RMS Toolkit or Matrix Master, next run Power Ops in Manager, Utilities, Add-ins. Select Setup, then the Price Calc button, and set Price C to Cost + 10%. This will automatically assign a price level C to all items created in Power Ops.

WARNING: If you use Manager, Database, New button to create an item, you will need to remember to select the Pricing tab and manually enter Price Level C. To automate this process you must use Power Ops or JumpStart to create/import new items with Price Calc setup as above.

An alternative method to applying a cost+% on items in POS is to use Shift-F3 Discount and select Markup from cost for the transaction with a reason code defined as Employee Discount. Then set security levels in POS to limit this type of discount to managers only. Shift-F9 in POS can then be used to switch to a manager login to discount the items and complete the sale.

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