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How can I mark a group of items as Inactive?

Option A: Use DRS Tools to perfom this maintenance on an annual or monthly basis.

Note: DRS Tools is included with our bundled suites (like RMS Toolkit or Bicycle Bundle) and is found under Store Operations Manager, Utilities, Add-ins or Start, All Programs, Digital Retail Solutions, DRS Tools.

Marking items inactive is easy and fast to do by selecting DRS Tools, Maintenance, Mark Inactive, then press F5 to view all candidates over 1 year old with no activity and none in stock (the default). To set cut-off date to 2 or 3 years instead, change the year in upper right, then press F5 to refresh the list. Only items that are eligible for inactive status are listed.
Select Mark All if you want all items flagged, enable Remove matrix classs orphans, exclude Non-Inventory or other optons, then click Save. When the hourglass disappears the items have been marked inactive. You can also use this routine to view items marked inactive and reactivate them. Or use DRS Power Ops to view inactive items and make them active again.

TIP: A matrix master item (M code) cannot be marked inactive. However, the M code serves only as a method to associate matrix components. You should delete M codes when they are no longer be used for active items. No item level data is lost. If you want to delete these entries in mass, use DRS Tools, Maintenance, Mark Items Inactive, and enable the 'Remove matrix class orphans' checkbox. Then click Save. 

If you would like to delete items that have never used, DRS Tools also includes that option as well. You can view the candidates before deleting following similar steps as above.

HQ users: DRS Tools only works as described when the app is connected to the HQ database (Database, Connect in top menu). The app should only be connected to HQ when run on the HQ server or a workstation on the HQ network. After items have been marked inactive you will need to send those changes down to all stores. Run a WS 250 for changed items, verify the list does not include any SO_ replenishment code (if using SO Tracker), then approve the worksheet.

Option B: Go to Manager | Wizards | Inventory Wizard | Task 210: Make items Inactive (worksheet).

Use the filter option to zero in on what you want to mark Inactive. Delete items from the worksheet you don't want changed. When you are finished marking your items as Inactive, click on Commit.

TIP: To quickly change all items listed to Inactive, change the first entry, then right-click and select Copy. Move to the next row, right-click and select 'Paste to all rows'. Then Commit.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend deleting any items from your database that contain important historical data such as customer purchase history and serial numbers. Deleting an item creates orphaned records in related tables if the item had any activity on file. Deleting items in an HQ (multi-store) environment will also cause synchronization problems between stores and HQ.


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