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How can I change prices and print labels for a group of items?

Option A: Price change wizard

Manager, Wizards, Task 110: Change Item Prices, select items (by dept/category, supplier, add manually, or by user-defined filter), select price change method and type, define rounding option (or skip), view worksheet, edit or remove items as necessary, Commit changes.

Note: To raise retail prices, use negative discount method. Examples, -20% discount applied to regular price of $10.00 would raise price to $12.00.

Next use Manager, Wizards, Label Wizard, select items by same filter options, print all or selected items, quantity on hand.

Note: Serialized items require Serial Number Detail to be enabled. If you have a large number of serialized items to print, use Power Ops instead.

Option B: DRS Power Ops

Manager, Utilities, Add-ins, Power Ops, locate item, change price under View details, tag item on main list view, continue item selection/price change/tagging until done, then press F12 on main list view to print labels for tagged items. 

Note: You can alternately print labels for each item by clicking Label button after changing the price.

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