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How do I set up sale prices on items?

Option 1: Sale price your items one by one under Items | Properties | Pricing. Make sure to enter both a starting and ending date, or assign to a price Schedule called Permanent Markdown (see below).

Option 2: Use the Inventory Wizard, Change Prices, X% Off, Sale Price, Rounding option, etc. You can finalize the worksheet entries before comitting. Use this method to plan promotional sales weeks in advance, or to sale price groups of items quickly.

TIP: When selecting which items to process, choose "Items from this filter" then Filter button if you want to filter the worksheet list by Brand (SubDescription3) or Supplier (Code or Name). 

Permanent Markdown Schedule: Go to Manager | Database | Schedules and create a schedule called Permanent Markdown with all days/hours selected. This will allow you to differentiate between promotional sales (with start/stop dates) and regular markdowns (item remains on sale until sold).

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