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What is buydown pricing and how is it used?

Buydown Price and Buydown Quantity are designed to prevent your customers from getting too many items at a discounted price.

Example: You may want to offer a half-price discount during a special promotion, but only allow the first 10 sales at that price, after which the price goes back up to the standard retail. Use the Buydown feature to implement this discount scheme. As soon as 10 sales are reached, all subsequent sales of that item will revert back to standard price.

If you want to set pricing to reflect quantity discounts instead, use the Discount tab for the items and plug in your numbers and prices in the grid. The POS will monitor how many items the customer has purchased and set the price accordingly.

For example, on the discount schedule assume the standard price is set to $1.00 and quantity pricing is set 0.90 at quantity 5, .85 at quantity 10, and so on. As soon as the customer purchases the 5th item on the same invoice, the price for all 5 items automatically drops to .90.

The buydown and quantity pricing schemes are set at the item level in Store Operations. If you would like to setup discount schemes based on rules, such as by category or combinations of specific items, a promotional add-in module is available to meet any discount scheme. For details contact our sales office at
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