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How to build a custom product comprised of individual items

There are three options you can use to accomplish this task.

Option A:
Utilize Transfer Out/In in Manager to create custom builds. Transfer out the parts for the custom built product, then create a single item in the database to transfer back in at the cost value of the parts. Retail price is adjusted to include any labor or assembly charges.

Option B:
Ring in all the components items on the sales invoice then use Shift-F3 to assign the final price (Perform discount on all items, Set Sub-total). This shows the customer all items they purchased with a pro-rated discount applied. If required, enter an assembly/labor charge (no discount) to determine the final price for the custom build. This option provides line item details and can be saved as a workorder until delivered.

Option C:
Use kits to pre-build separate items into one SKU or assemblies to sell groups of items at regular or discounted prices. For details, search this knowledge base for "kit" or "assembly".
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