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How can I set up rental items in Store Operations?

Store Operations does not handle rentals specifically, but the following procedure can be used to manage rentals using the base program. Otherwise an add-in module is required.

Basic rental procedure:

1. Create an inventory item for each of your rental items with a retail valued equal to the deposit amount you will charge.
2. Select one of the following rental fee options depending on your needs.

Option A: Create a non-inventory item for each of the rental fees. Add these items to a matrix if you want to select from multiple rates in POS (example:hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). Sell the rental item followed by the rental matrix.

Option B: Create a non-inventory rental item set to a single rate or set the rental fee to 0.00 and enable "Prompt for price in POS" on the Options tab. Utilize the tag-along feature to relate the rental item to your single rental fee.

Option C: Create an Assembly for each rental type consisting of a rental item and associated rental fee. This will only work if you have one set fee (such as a daily rate) or set the rental fee to 0.00 and enable "Prompt for price in POS" on the Options tab.

3. When you ring up the sale, make sure the Rental Item and Fee are on the receipt. This will remove the Rental Item from inventory, and also alert you as to how many you have left.

4. When the customer returns the Rental Item, use F11 Recall and locate the original transaction for return. Remove the line item entry for the Rental Fee be pressing the Spacebar or Del on the Item Lookup Code. This will return the Rental Item back into inventory and make it available for the next rental. If you need to charge additional rental fees or late charges, enter them on the next line.

You can modify the aboves steps to fit your particular rental procedures and requirements. Example: Security deposits, driver license recorded, etc.

Note: If you have a sizable fleet of rentals of the same model, you can track individual unit rentals by serializing the rental item. The cashier will then be prompted to select a serial number on file. You can print out barcode labels with serial numbers for this purpose and attach them to the rental units with clear perma-seal tape. You will be prompted to enter this serial number again upon return.

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