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How do I remove Transfer Out entries listed under Offline Inventory?

If you have a list of Transfer Out items accumulating under Offline Inventory, it means you need to close them as follows. Otherwise you have added items to a transfer out orders, but never processed the transfer order. 

Offline Inventory is typically used to flag in stock products as unsaleable*. This might occur when items are returned in POS (via Reason Code) or whenever a product in stock is found defective or missing parts.

Offline Inventory should be managed on a periodic basis under Manager, Inventory, Manage Offline Inventory. You manage these products by either moving them back to Main (item now in saleable condition), or Transfer Out to supplier (RMA for credit or replacement), or Transfer Out (example, write-off defective goods that cannot be returned). 

To process an RMA, use the Transfer Out function to select items for return to the selected supplier. When you process items this way, that is only the first step to the transfer out. You are simply adding them to a transfer order for subsequent processing. To complete the transfer order you must run Manager, Inventory, Transfer Out, select the associated transfer # and Issue it (Issue All, Commit). The completes the transfer out order and closes it. Note: If you are transfering serialized items, make sure to click Issued Qty colum, click ellipsis button (...), and select SN for transfer before commiting.

Another way to look at this is Transfer Out is the equivalent of a Purchase Order (PO) in reverse. PO's can be created using Manager, Power Ops, or Special Order Tracker. However, they aren't fully processed until you receive and commit them (close the PO). In the same way, transfer outs are not processed until issued (close the transfer).

*Another use for offline inventory is to create standing stock levels for display products. For example, you may have special products that need to remain in stock at all times. You can flag a small quantity as offline (in-stock but unsaleable). This reserved quantity is used for display purposes and only. When the product is sold you order new stock for delivery to the customer. This method allows our Special Order Tracker utility to manage special orders independent of your standing stock. Min/max levels will also create suggested PO's while ignoring the standing stock.

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