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Tax changes, tax amnesty promotion, no tax period, tax holiday

To modify sales taxes you have 3 options. If you need to change a tax rate due to changes in state tax regulations see Option B.

Option A -- Inventory Wizard (assign special item taxes to specific items)
In Manager select Wizards, Inventory Wizards, Task 170: Assign Item Sales Tax.
Select a filter option, view the worksheet, change first entry under New Item Tax, then right-click and select Copy followed by right-click and select Paste to all rows.
Click Commit to activate new sales tax on selected items.

Example: Tax amnesty on clothing below $100
Select 'Items from this filter'
Dept = Clothing
Price < $100
Generate worksheet
Change New Item Tax to <not Assigned>
Use right-click to Copy then Paste to all rows

IMPORTANT: Reverse the sales tax assignment for these items when the promotion ends.

Option B - New Sales Tax rate (permanent or temporary)
In Manager select Database, Sales Taxes, create a new tax rate or edit the existing rate.
If you edited an existing sales tax entry, save changes and exit POS on an workstations currently running POS.
Start POS and the new tax rate will apply. This is the suggested method when the sales tax changes such as an increase in state sales tax rate.
If you created a new tax rate entry instead, next select Database, Item Taxes, and assign the new rate to all taxable items on file using the current Item Tax. Then exit POS and go back in. This is the suggested method for assigning a temporary tax rate if you need to switch back and forth between rates for specific time periods.

Example: If all items are non-taxable for a set period, on the morning of the change set the current tax entries to 0.00, then back again when the no-tax period ends. Make sure to exit POS and go back in to initiate the new tax.

Option B -- Line item change
In POS cursor to the line items's tax column and uncheck the tax box (or press spacebar).*
You can also cursor to the tax column and press F2 to select a tax rate (if you have multiple tax rates defined) or no tax.

*If reason codes have been defined you will be prompted to select one. To add a new reason code run Manager, Database, Reason Codes. Add a reason code associated with type Tax Change.

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