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How can I print gift receipts without price information? (gift receipt)

There are three ways to deploy gift receipts in RMS. Option 1 or 3 is the easiest to deploy.

Option 1 (simple method):  This option will not work with dot matrix printers.

Go to Manager, Databases, Registers, Receipt Formats, and select the 40 col format you use to print receipts. Click Properties for Sales and set Show Barcode = True then save your changes to all forms.

Note: You can also insert additional message lines at the bottom of the receipt. See Manager, Databases, Registers, Receipt Templates, 40 col, Properties, Sales, Properties, Footer lines. Make sure to enclose any text changes in quotes.

If your customer requests a gift receipt clip off the lower portion of the receipt after the total so that the barcode and everything below it becomes a separate receipt. This contains all the information you need to process a gift receipt return (invoice number and your store name). You can also scan this barcode for easy lookup in POS (using F11 Recall).

If the customer needs multiple receipts, press Shift-F11 in POS to reprint last receipt.

Option 2: Install a second receipt printer with separate receipt format.

1. Download the 40 col receipt format below, unzip, then copy the xml file to your receipt templates folder. The receipts folder is located in Program Files, Store Operations, ReceiptTemplates. Copy to the same folder at each POS workstation unless you have set the path in Store Ops Administrator to look for receipts on your RMS server.
2. Within Manager, go to Database | Registers | Receipt formats, choose New. Title the entry as Gift Receipt, then use the lookup glass, and select the giftreceipt.xml you copied into the receipts folder, then click OK.
3. Now go to Database | Registers and highlight the register you want to activate for gift receipts, select Receipt Printer 2, choose to print receipts only after asking, then select the receipt format you just created, then restart the POS machines.

You will now be prompted at the end of every sale to print a second receipt. Answer No unless you want a gift receipt. If gift receipts are primarily used during the holiday season, you can turn off Receipt Printer 2 whenever you'd like by disabling Receipt Printer 2 at the register stations setup for this option.
Visit if you need any assistance setting this up.

Notes: If you are using an OPOS driver you may need to set the driver to be shared or you might receive an error when you print the gift receipt. If so, go to Manager, File, Configuration, Options, POS Options and enable "Share the OPOS printer...". Exit POS and return to activate this setting.

Option 3: Upgrade to RMS 2.0 Feature Pack 2 (includes gift receipt processing while tendering or from journal)

Notes: Option 3 will reset the standard 40 column receipt format in RMS which means you will lose any customizations added to your current receipts. Only valid sales receipts will print as gift receipts, not sales orders (workorder, layaway, backorder) or receipts that include returns.

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