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How do I set up OPOS drivers for the Epson TM-T88II, TM-88III, or TM-T88IV receipt printer?

First make sure that no printer drivers listed under Control Panel | Printers that have their port set to the same port as your receipt printer (ex. COM1: USB001, etc.,).

1. Download the recommended Epson OPOS drivers attached to this article, or visit for the latest version. (2.30E is our recommended driver for XP. 2.64E is our recommended driver for Windows 7 Pro.)

Unzip and run setup.exe from Disk 1.

2. During the installation, you can click next through each window except when it asks for Epson CO or Common Control Object. MAKE SURE TO CHOOSE Common Control Objectif prompted.

3. Once installed, go to Start | Programs | OPOS | Setup.

4. Right click on POSPrinter and add new device.

5. Select TM-T88III (works for all Epson printer models) or TM-T88IV if you have that model.

6. Select the model number ending in P if using a parallel model, such as TM-T88IIP, U for USB. Click next. This will register the name of the printer as shown oryuu shouldassign an LDN name to the device, such as "Receipt" or "receipt_printer1". Click Next.

Note: The printer name must match the name of the OPOS device as defined under Manager | Databases Registers | Register X | Receipt Printer 1 tab.

7. If serial, the printer will defaul to COM1. If parallel select the LPT port that this printer is connected to.

Note: If USB, select the U option and make sure the printer is listed in Hardware Devices as a USB device and not as a unknown printer device.

8. Click the Check Health Interactive button. You should receive a test receipt if the printer drivers are configured correctly. This must pass successfully before it will work in Store Operations. Click Finish to complete the OPOS installation for the printer

Note: If you receive an error, make sure no other printer driver is assigned to the port you want to use.

If you have a cash drawer connected to the Epson Printer, follow the steps below to setup the drawer:

9. Right click where it says CashDrawer & choose add new device.

10. Select default or Standard as the model (if default does not work). You should next assign an LDN name to the device, such as "Drawer" or "cash_drawer1". Click next.

Note: The drawer name must match the name of the OPOS device as defined under Manager | Databases Registers | Register X | Drawer X.

11. Select StandardP as the detailed model if Parallel or U for USB. Click Next.

12. Select the same port that the cash drawer is on. (This should be the same port as you selected for step 7.) If serial, the COM port should already be selected for you.

13. Click on Check Health Interactive for the cash drawer & the drawer should pop open.

14. Go into Store Operations Manager and open the register properties (Database | Registers | Register List). Enter "Receipt" for the OPOe LDNS device name in Receipt Printer 1 if you defined this as LDN in Step 6. Enter "Drawer" as the OPOS device name for the cash drawer if you defined this as the LDN. Make sure you have a receipt format selected for the Receipt Printer.

15. Test the printer & the cash drawer by performing a sales transaction in POS.

If you receive any errors configuring the driver, Epson provides phone support for Point Of Sale products from 7am-5pm, M-F, PST. Call (562) 276-1314 and select option 1 (Installation and Configuration). You can also contact DRS Support for online assistance and setup.

If you have problems running the latest OPOS driver with your hardware we suggest trying an older OPOS driver. See attachments below.

If your parallel port is not recognized, try changing the BIOS setting for that port to ECP, EPP or bi-directional, until the port is recognized by the OPOS driver.

TIP: If you receive an error when testing Health Check for the first time, make sure no other printer driver is currently assigned to the port you are trying to use (COM1: for instance).

TIP: Set the CPL (characters per line) to 42 from 44 under Receipt Format, Properties, Properties and Epson printers will print using a larger font size (without using more paper). This needs to be set in two places on the form.

Epson global site (warning: downloads may be model/location specific):

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