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How do I set up OPOS drivers for the Star Micronics receipt printers?

If you do not have an installation CD, download the OPOS driver from Star Micronics support site.

Install the Star OPOS drivers for both your printer AND your cash drawer using the same printer designation.
TSP643D for a Star SP600 series, serial printer.
TSP643D for a Star SP600 series, parallel printer.

Test the printer and cash drawer using the OPOS driver option called Check Health.

In Store Operations, Manager, Database, Registers, Register List, insert the name of the driver you installed (ex. TSP643D) for both the receipt printer and cash drawer.

NOTE: If you have a USB printer modelyou may also need to download the Star COM port emulation driver (attached below). Add this driver as a COM port using Add/Remove Hardware in Control Panel. You can then assign that serial port within the OPOS driver setup.


IMPORTANT: Make sure no other printer driver listed under Control Panel, Printers is using the same port. If so, remove that printer driver or re-assign the port. (OPOS device name).

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