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Can I view and print old transactions from QuickSell 2000?

If you converted from QS2000, the transactions in the QS2000 are converted into a text file by batch number. This is NOT the same as the original receipts. The converted journal is a text file while the receipt format in Microsoft RMS is XML based saved in a compressed format. New sales transactions in RMS since conversion are viewed from F4 Journal in POS or the Journal menu option in Manager.

To view your old QS2000 journal entries run Store Operations Manager, Utilities, View Old QS2000 Journals.
Filter by batch number or click OK to view all batches.
Scroll down and double-click on the batch number you'd like to view.
Place your cursor within the transaction you'd like to print and click Print.
Select an appropriate Windows report printer (not a receipt printer).


- Maximize the window size when viewing the batch and use PageUp/PageDn keys on the keyboard.
- Use Find button to locate a transaction by transaction number or item description. Make sure to remove the highlight from the text found or your printout will only include the highlighted text.
- The important factor is to place the cursor anywhere within the receipt you want to print (not on the separator lines).
- You must select a valid Windows report printer or an XPS or PDF driver for printout.
- You should not try to reprint on the receipt printer which is likely using an OPOS driver to control receipt printing and cash drawer.



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