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How do I setup my Cognitive Blaster Advantage barcode printer for RMS?

There are two procedures involved. First install, configure, and test the Windows driver. Then install a Generic Text-only driver for use with Bicycle Bundle add-ins (like Power Ops, Serial Editor and SWAT Search).

Windows driver setup

Use the CD provided to load the driver or visit

1) Install driver, select Advantage 2", and make sure to select the correct port.
2) Right-click on driver in Windows and select Properties.
3) Click Printing Preferences, set Stock = 2.4x1.
4) Select Advanced Setup: Thermal Transfer*, Gap.
5) Click More Settting then click Store Variable Setting into Printer
Warning: Do not touch or turn the printer off when the light is flashing green.
6) Click Calibrate: Wait for light to go back to solid green.
7) Press the feed button to see if one label advances and ribbon spools takes up.
If not, turn printer off, then back on and repeat above starting with More Settings. If the printer will not program or print during the 2" Test, the port needs to be changed.

*If you do not have a model that uses ribbons, select Direct Transfer instead. The Thermal Transfer options will ensure the ribbon take-up spool works properly for models that use a ribbon once this setting has been written to the printer. You may need to turn the printer off/on after programming to activate the ribbon spool. Make sure you do NOT turn the printer off while printer is in programming mode (blinking green light).

If you print labels in RMS using Item Properies or Label Wizard, select this printer driver. If you will be printing directly to the printer using PCL formatted labels (like the ones included with Serial Editor and SWAT Search), use the Windows driver above to program your printer, but the Generic-Text only driver below to print the labels.

Generic Text-only Driver

Add a Printer
No to automatically detect
Select correct port (usually LPT1: or a USB to parallel connection)
Generic Text-only printer
Call the printer driver Labels
Yes to Share
No to Default Printer
No to Test Print

If you print labels using Bicycle Bundle components such as Serial Editor and SWAT Search, select this Generic Text-only driver. These label formats are also listed in RMS when you print labels using Item Properties or the Label Wizard.

If you own a Cognitive printer, 5 PCL labels formats for Generic Text-only driver are attached below (standard, store name, sale price, serial number, and MSRP). Unzip into the folder Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations, Labels.

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