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What model barcode printer is recommended for Microsoft RMS and DRS add-ins?

Please note we no longer offer label or ribbon supplies starting in 2022.
We recommend you order your labels directly from this website or another supplier offering similar labels. This link is for DT labels (no ribbon required):

We only sold and support Cognitive printers. While we also provide labels formats for Zebra printers, there are problem reports on file for skipped labels or missing information on labels when printed in quantity.

Whether you prefer TT over DT depends on desired shelf life and sun/rain exposure.
TT labels are weather resistant and last for years.
DT labels will fade over time with a brownish tint with sun exposure.

If your products are displayed indoors only, a DT printer with DT label stock is less expensive and easier to use than a TT printer which requires a separate printer head for the wax ribbons.

IMPORTANT: Most labels use permanent adhesive so they cannot be removed from products. If you prefer removable labels they are available by request from suppliers. However, be aware removable labels can result in label switching by unscrupulous consumers. 

Connection type: We recommend USB as long as a port is available on the PC. Parallel and serial printers are also available for legacy port PCs. However, you should only order this type of connection if replacing a printer on a PC with no USB ports.

Label formats in RMS: The default label formats are 1"x2.3" Cognitive printers and 1.25"x2.25" for Zebra printers. Anything smaller won't contain the full descriptions possible in RMS, or scannable barcode, or information like reg. price/sale price. While you can create custom labels formats in RMS using the Label Designer in Store Operations Manager, this feature is designed to be used with sheet-fed labels on a laser printer. WARNING: Custom labels created in Label Designer can only be used in RMS, not DRS add-ins like Power Ops or Serial Editor. 

Customizing direct command labels:  To view the default commands, open a label foramt in Notepad and note the command instructions listed at the bottom. Details are available in the printer documentation provided by Cognitive. Make sure to save any changes under a different label file name such as Label6.lbl. Otherwise the customizations will be lost whenever a RMS or DRS update is installed.

Printer driver: The label formats provided with RMS and DRS add-ins are "direct command" labels that require the Generic Text-only driver. We suggest you call this driver "Labels" when installing the driver and set it to shared so other workstations can access it. While the Cognitive Windows driver may also be installed, it is only used for programming the printer or calibration.

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