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My barcode printer is printing text commands, not labels with barcodes. What driver should I use with a Cognitive/Zebra printer?

The printer control commands for barcode printers are created within Store Operations or DRS add-ins like Serial Editor and SWAT Search. If you use a Windows driver the commands are interpreted as text. You can use Windows driver for custom labels made with Label Designer, but not direct to printer label formats included with DRS add-ins (or the default labels included with RMS).

You'll need to install a Generic Text-Only printer driver, not a Windows driver to use PCL/EPL formatted labels with Cognitive or Zebra barcode printers. This includes Solus, DelSol, and Blaster Advantage printers from Cognitive or various Zebra/Eltron models.

Use the Add Printer wizard and select Generic for Brand, and Generic Text-Only for driver. Name the printer 'Labels'. Assign to the correct port (normally LPT1, sometimes COMx for serial or USB port with latest models).

If you experience problems printing labels on Cognitive or Zebra/Eltron printers, such as label skipping or incorrect quantity, search this knowledge base for "cognitive" or "skipping". For custom labels search for "custom".

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