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How do I create custom labels for a Zebra/Eltron, Cognitive, or other barcode printer?

You can create custom label formats in RMS using the Label Designer. To view an example of the high quality output, click on CognitiveLabels.GIF at the bottom of this article. Any labels created with this tool must be printed using a Windows driver for your printer (not the Generic Text-only driver).

IMPORTANT: You do NOT need to use Windows drivers if you print labels from our add-in utilities such as Serial Editor or SWAT Search. These applications send commands directly to the printer using a Generic Text-only driver. Special label formats are provided when you install these applications or Bicycle Bundle.

To utilize Label Designer follow these steps:

1) Install the Windows drivers designed for your printer model by downloading the latest driver from the manufacturer's website.



2) Configure the driver properties for the label stock you will be using (width x height). Make sure the printer type is correct for the model printer you are using (DT or TT).

For Cognitive printers select the stock label size of 2.4"x1".

Verify Preferences and Advanced Settings are correct for the model printer you have and the label stock you are using.

3) Go to Manager, Utilities, Label Designer and select Open, 5160.

4) Change Units from twips to inches at the bottom of the screen, then define your label size above.

5) Drag and drop field entries, boxes, lines, picture (logo), etc. into your label format.

Right-click and drag moves the box. Left-click and drag resizes it. If the entry you expected is missing, it means the box you defined is too small (or the font size too large).

6) Save new label format under a different name. Example: Eltron Standard or Label with logo

7) Test print using Database, Items, select an item, Labels. You will also need to adjust the printer properties from within the Preview screen.

8) Modify your label as needed to produce the desired results.

9) If you will print from multiple stations on your network, share the printer, then use Add Printer Wizard in Windows on your other workstations. Don't forget to define Printer Properties for the driver and within RMS when printing the first label on each PC.

If you own a Cognitive printer, 4 custom labels formats for the Windows driver are attached below (standard, sale price, serial number, and MSRP). Unzip into the folder Program Files, Microsoft Retail Management System, Store Operations, Labels. These label format could be opened in Label Designer and modified to work with other printers.


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