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How can modify the price label formats for Cognitive printers (Solus, DelSol, Blaster Advantage)

You can edit the label formats directly by opening them in Notepad. PCL commands are indicated at the bottom of the label formats in Serial Editor, SWAT Search, and Power Ops (ex. Program Files, DRS, Serial Editor, Label1.lbl).

To modify a label format, edit it using Notepad and insert or modify the commands as needed.
For more information on these commands, visit Cognitive TPG support:

IMPORTANT: You should save a copy of the label format or save new format under a different file name as the label is likely to be restored to it's original format whenever RMS or a DRS add-in is reinstalled.

Label formats for RMS are located under Programs | Microsoft Retail Management System | Store Operations | Labels.
Example: bb1x2.lbl or 1_bb1x24.lbl

Label formats for DRS add-ins are located in the program folder for the application such as DRS | DRS Power Ops (not the sub-folder called Labels which contains the original formats).

IMPORTANT: You must use Notepad to edit the label file.

Replace the section starting with ! 0 0 0 0 through END with the new commands you'd like to use, then save your changes under a different file name. DRS add-ins require the file name to be numbered in sequence, such as Label6.lbl. For more information on the fields supported, see the Help file within the DRS add-in (search for "label").

Once the label format has been edited, test print from within Store Operations using the label format you created or the select the new format within the DRS add-in application.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact DRS Support. Alternately you can fax us a sketch of the label format you want and we can create this label for you. Custom programming charges will apply. 

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