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The Set Quantity option in Label Wizard changes quantities to zero when you select Stock on Hand or Issued/Received for serialized items.

This is a known RMS quality report affecting items that are both serialized AND matrixed.

The program is actually working as designed since the label count for serialized items is tied to units serialized at point of receipt. However, this requires entry of serial numbers from the invoice, or the issuing of temporary numbers. This issue has been resolved in a recent update to RMS. If you are running an older version, the following workarounds will address the problem.

Option 1: Enter the correct quantity of labels to be printed in the label routine itself before printing. The default will be set to 1.

Option 2: Receive serial numbers (or assign temporary serial numbers*) at the time of receipt and the label wizard will print one label for each serial number received. When the Label Wizard appears backup up one screen and select Serial Number Detail. If you entered serial numbers into the PO, you will be prompted to select them during label printing process. Click Select All when prompted for each line item entry.

Option 3: Print labels one at a time as serialized units are assembled, and price labels or hangtags are applied to the product.

*You can use the latest version of DRS Serial Editor add-in to assign temporary serial numbers (or box numbers) for serialized inventory as soon as it is received. Commit the purchase order, call up Serial Editor under Utilities | Add-ins, and select Create Temp SNs. Now print the labels for that PO within Serial Editor by clicking Labels on the main screen. The default PO will be the one you just received.
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