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How can I sell a quantity greater than one of an item without cursoring back up and over to the Quantity field?

Two methods. Both use the Number Pad on a standard keyboard.

Option 1: Press the + (plus) sign on the Number Pad after scanning in the first item. This will sell the same item again on the next line. Continue hitting + until you've rung in the quantity you want.

Option 2: Key in the quantity you wish to sell, then press the * key on the Number Pad. Next scan the item or type in the Item Lookup Code and press Enter. Example:

To sell 10 of item 102991, enter 10 on the Number Pad, then *, then scan the barcode label or type in 102991 and press Enter.

Option 1 is fine for selling a few more. Option 2 takes care of the rest.
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