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What shortcut keys can be used in POS?

Keyboard shortcuts -- (ILC = item lookup code)

TIP: Tab/Shift-Tab moves between fields in Windows, not Enter. The Enter key in Windows normally ends filling out a form and returns you to the prior screen. It is also MUCH FASTER to use Tab to move through fields than clicking with a mouse. If cashiers learned to use POS with a mouse, we suggest unplugging the mouse for the a few days so they are forced to learn the keyboard shortcuts. POS processing is 2-3x faster without a mouse!

  • To return an item, cursor to Quantity and enter -1.
  • To delete an item from a sale, cursor to the ILC and press Spacebar (or Del).
    If you do not have the rights to delete an item from a invoice, press the minus key on the Number Pad to negate the line item above.
  • To discount a line item, cursor to the ILC and press Shift-F3. Shift-F3 on a blank line will discount all items on the invoice.
  • To view status of an item, cursor to the ILC or Description and press F2.
  • To change the Sales Rep on a line item, cursor to the Sales Rep column and press F2.
  • To remove a Customer account from the POS screen, press Ctrl-Shift-F7.
  • To repeat an item on next line, press the + key on the Number Pad.
  • To enter multiples of same item, press X* before entering the ILC (or scanning) -- where X is equal to the quantity and * is the 'times' key on the Number Pad. This trick works even if you need to lookup the item. Enter the quantity, press * on the number pad, press F2 Lookup and locate the item.
  • To tender an exact amount cursor to the payment type then press the + key on the Number Pad.
  • To access Custom POS buttons (right side), press Ctrl-X where X is a number from 0-9. 0 is the top button. If you enter more than 10 Custom POS buttons you will need to use a mouse to activate the additional buttons.
  • To exit POS, press Esc. (No exit rights? Press F9 Security to change login to a cashier with Exit rights)
  • To exit internal browser window, press Esc.
  • To close POS browser, press Alt-F4.
  • To create a hot key for multiple keystrokes, use the Ctrl-F3 Macro function.
  • To quickly Lookup an item, enter a partial ILC or Description and press F2. This will depend on what column is normally selected in the Lookup screen and whether you have set the default search to Find.
  • Hit the Tab key to quickly move between search columns in F2 Lookup, such as from Item Lookup to Description for items, or Acount Code to Last Name for Customers.
  • If you Tab between entry fields while entering a new customer, the program will jump from Addresss to Zip Code and enter the City and State for you (if the zip code is already on file).
  • Use the Find option in F2 Lookup to locate by a phrase in the MIDDLE of a description. You can narrow a Find search further by separating phrases with %, such as widget%red to locate all widgets in red.
  • To view first receipt of the day, press F4 Journal, then Home. PgDn will move to the next receipt. End jumps to last.
  • To view prior Z report, press F4 Journal, locate by Batch date, press End to jump to end of jounal.
  • To view multiple pages on a single receipt, press Ctrl+Right Arrow or Ctrl+Left Arrow. Press + to zoom in (magnify), - to zoom out.
  • To create a shortcut name for an item, enter that name under the Alias tab in Item Properties.
  • To quickly process a transaction for a return, press F11 Recall, select return, then hit the down arrow key to change month entry, then scan the receipt's barcode. (This assumes you have a thermal printer with transaction number barcode turned on.)
  • To abort a transaction, clear each item by cursoring to the ILC and pressing the Spacebar.
  • If you cancel a transaction with Esc without clearing items first, the program will print an audit trail in the Journal (Cancelled transaction). To avoid this, remove the items from the screen instead. TIP: You can skip printing of cancelled invoices by removing the Cancelled entry in item properties for the receipt template.
  • Use Esc to cancel recalled orders (it won't delete them).
  • To quickly sort customer list by both last and first name, press F2 Lookup, search by last name, then Tab to First Name column, Shift-Tab back to Last Name column. (This only works if you do not set the default customer lookup to Find in Manager.)
  • If you want to enter 10 instead of 1000 for $10.00 when tendering Cash, run Store Operations Manager, File, Configuration, Options, General options, and enable "Require decimal entry". Then close POS and go back in.

TIP: If you are using DRS power tools for RMS, you should rely on Power Ops to search for and sell items in POS, or search for items and create PO’s in Manager. These utilities are 10-100x faster than the standard routines in RMS. You should also rely on V.I.P. Zone to search for and assign customers in POS as this utility performs USPS CASS validation and offers form control over what information is collected. You can also search by last name and first name in separate fields (ex. smith, tab, john, Enter) to locate all John Smiths.

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