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Is there away to cancel a receipt in progress at the POS without printing or journaling?

Press Esc to cancel a receipt.

If you want to avoid an audit copy of a cancelled receipt, remove any items from the POS screen by cursoring to the ILC (Item Lookup Code) and pressing Spacebar or the Del key. Remove any assigned customer by pressing Ctrl-Shift-F7 Clear Customer. Also clear invoice detail (if entered) with Shift-F9.

If you are in the middle of a recalled transaction (layaway, workorder, quote) you can press the Esc key to cancel the transaction without journal auditing.

If you want to maintain an audit trail of cancelled receipts in Journal, but don't want them to print, go to Databases | Registers | Receipt Formats and select the format in use by that register. Click on the red X to remove the Cancelled entry and leave it blank.
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