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How do I set up debit cards using the integrated card processing in RMS?

Debit card transactions are supported if you utilize the built in card processing through a supported merchant processor. See notes below for other types of debit card integration.

If you are using RMS integrated card processing and want to activate debit cards, first set up a Tender Type for Debit cards within SO Manager | Database | Tenders. Set type equal to Debit card.

Next setup a PIN pad driver using Start, Programs, Microsoft Retail Management System, Configure OPOS Service Objects. Create a New entry for PINPad and enter the device name or pinpad. Configure and test the device (call our Support line for assistance).

Next activate the PIN Pad option for the register station under Manager, Databases, Registers, Register List.

At the POS, when you tender a trasaction, choose the Debit card tender type that you created. You will swipe their debit card with your MagTek, and enter any optional cashback amount when prompted by RMS.

The customer must do two things: (1) Acknowledge the amount displayed on the PIN pad (Verifone 1000 SE) by pressing the PIN pad Enter key, (2) enter their PIN and press enter.

The transaction will be processed as a debit card transaction, and a receipt will be printed. No signature is required.

In SO Manager, you must settle the Debit transaction the same way that you settle the Credit transactions.

Please note that not all debit card types are supported. You can obtain a list of supported debit cards from your processor.

IMPORTANT: Only Verifone 1000 SE PIN pads are supported except as noted below. You will need to send in this unit to be encrypted with your merchant processor type prior to use. You will also need a PC connection cable (usually 9 pin serial port is required) or USB model with COM port emulation driver.

The alternative and superior solution for debit card processing is to install our integrated tokenization plug-in for RMS. The plug-in software is free (requires Vantiv/Worldpay processing) and supports enhanced hybrid devices (self-swipe/PIN pad/signature capture). The handheld units are reasonably priced and include a no upfront cost option (monthly rental). Contact our sales office for details or click here for rate quote.

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