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What happens if my Internet connection goes down and I am using integrated IP authorization for credit card processing?

When you sign-up for merchant processing, you will receive a care package that includes a voice authorization number and mechant ID.

Note: AMEX and Discover information will be provided separately when you sign up for merchant IDs with those services.

To process cards in RMS when your Internet connection is down, call the voice authorization number and follow the prompts to secure an approval code. Enter that code into the RMS tender window BEFORE you swipe the card.

When Internet connectivity resumes, you can run RMS as normal as the voice auths will settle with the rest of the batch.

WARNING: Never enter a CCV number into the AP (approval code) box in error as this will process the transaction as a voice authorization and the funds will be lost (settlement will fail).

TIP: For your complete protection against chargebacks, you should use the old-style credit card imprinter to manually process the card. If you do not have one of these imprinters, visit eBay and search for "Bartizan" or "credit card imprinter".

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