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Does RMS have a alternative method to process credit cards if our Internet connection is down?

You have several options:

Option 1) Request authorizations by phone from your merchant provider and manually key in the approval codes into RMS BEFORE you swipe the card. This will place the transaction in the EDC batch without trying to authorize the card via your Internet connection. When Internet connectivity is restored, continue as normal. All transactions will be included in your batch settlement.

NOTE: This only works if you are using integrated card processing in RMS. If you are using 3rd party software, such as PC Charge or Hypecom SmartPayments, you will need to follow the instructions for that software.

Option 2) Some DSL/cable providers offer a dial-up option for off network or emergency use. Either dial into that number if your broadband connection goes down, or install a broadband router with serial port for an external modem (or built-in modem). These units are designed to immediately connect via dial-up should your broadband connection fail. They can be programmmed with your backup dial-up number.

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