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Where can I buy gift cards for use with RMS Store Operations?

ACCOUNTING ISSUE: See Notes below.

There are 2 options for processing gift cards in RMS.
Option 1: Integrated gift card processing using the built-in functions in RMS called vouchers.
Option 2: Integrated gift card services such as Vantiv/Worldpay/Mercury that are web based.

RMS includes the ability to create voucher items to track gift cards. A single voucher entry can be used to track all gift card of different values. The voucher item is sold in POS and assigned a value at that time. It is redeemed as a tender type when applied toward a sale. Unused value remains with the card until depleted.

See Help in RMS for details on "voucher" or contact our Help Desk for assistance. Also see Notes below.

You can use serialized gift card booklets from companies like R&M and NEBS, or download Avery Pro software to create your own on business card stock at , or purchase pre-printed wallet size cards from companies that provide card printing services.

Examples: or

Minimum quantity is usually 500.
Pricing will depend on colors, quantity and quality -- from paper thin to credit card thickness, barcode style or magswipe, full color logo, etc.

Notes: When you add gift cards to inventory (type=voucher) you can either assign one code, such as GC, for all gift cards, or you can enter multiple codes for cards of different values, such as GC25 for $25 Gift Card, GC100 for $100, etc. If you use the first method (one code for all cards), set the prompt for price under the Options tab for that item. 

The value is not assigned to the card until you sell it, so there is no danger to displaying the cards on your counter. Once assigned, the serialized voucher is tracked thru the system. When customers redeem their cards you will scan/swiped the card in the Tender box. Unused amounts remain on the card until they are used up (or expired -- if you decide to set an expiration date on gift cards). 

Lost or stolen cards can be cancelled and the value on file can be transferred to a new card. 

IMPORTANT: We recommend barcoded cards for gift or loyalty cards, as these avoid the terminal characters inserted by a magswipe reader. Barcodes also offer the advantage of a visible number below the barcode. Plus barcoded cards are usually less expensive than magstripe. If you decide to order magstripe cards, they must use "Format B".

OPTION 2 (suggested):
Outsourced gift card services that are web based. These companies provide cards and custom printing directly. The tender can be integrated into POS using an add-in that connects to the card service company over the Internet. The gift card value and registration is maintained outside of RMS. Contact our sales or support office for details on which service is best for you. These services typically charge both a monthly and card fee for usage. The exception is Vantiv/Worldpay who includes free gift card processing when Vantiv/Worldpay is your merchant card processor.  
Note: This is the preferred method to share gift cards between multiple locations in an HQ environment (multi-store).

ACCOUNTING: If you use Gift Cards and other forms of vouchers you should assign them to a dept called Gift Cards. This allows you to separate these transactions as a GL entry. Otherwise they will be treated as sales. Define a dept called Gift Cards or Vouchers under Manager, Databases, Dept/Categories. Book this GL entry to a liability account in your accounting software. Gift cards should be redeemed using a Tender Type defined for this purpose and applied against the liability account. Sales reports should be setup to exclude this dept when reporting revenue based on COGS.

Update: RMS v2.0.015x (and higher) separates voucher reporting on the Z report to its own entries (voucher/deposit versus voucher/redemption). There is no need to deduct voucher sales as revenue. However, web based gift card systems like Vantiv/Worldpay/Mercury, or voucher sales in earlier versions of RMS, require separate booking by dept as noted.
If the X/Z report is not displaying RMS voucher information and you are running 2.0.015x or higher, try replacing the report template by following these steps. Run Store Operations Manager, Database, Registers, Receipt Formats, select format in use, Properties, click X in the Report line entry to clear the template, then click the magnifying lens and locate file called Xreport.xml. Click OK to save change, close POS, go back in, then Z out. The updated template will be active on subsequent X/Z reports.

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