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Global vouchers for a multi-store environment with HQ

There are a number of reasons why we recommend global gift cards (vouchers) only be deployed using a web-based gift card processing system such as the free gift card service offered by our merchant processing partner, Vantiv. 

If you decide you want to try global vouchers in RMS consider these points.

1) You cannot convert existing local store vouchers to global. A global voucher has to be created as a new item in HQ and distributed to stores. The same holds true for redeeming a global voucher. You must use a new gift card tender set to global created in HQ and distributed to stores. That means stores need to be aware there are two different vouchers in use that require different steps to process. We suggest current voucher item is made inactive once the new global voucher item is created. Then cashiers will need to determine if voucher presented by customer was issued as a local voucher, not global. If local it can only be redeemed at the store where issued using the old gift card tender (not global).

2) Global voucher does not support partial authorization and will display "Insufficient funds" if the purchase amount exceeds the balance on the card. Cashier must look up the balance on the card (Ctrl-Shift-F3), check balance, scan the card, back out of the balance check window, enter the tender window, manually type in the current balance amount into the global gift card tender, and then type in balance remaining into an appropriate alternate tender.

3) Ctrl-Shift-F3 will show the balance of a global voucher, but not any details. Activity history only displays if the gift card voucher is a local voucher issued at that store.

4) There are problem reports on file regarding Voucher Server and Voucher Client communications which have not been resolved in any hot fixes.

All issues mentioned above are resolved with a web-based gift card solution such as the one from our merchant processing partner, Vantiv. Their gift card processing service is free and Vantiv can often convert local gift cards with a balance to their global system by SN. Vantiv gift cards are designed to be swiped. However, barcoded cards may work as long as the SN is visible on the card and can be typed in when redeemed. Future cards sourced from Vantiv will have a magnetic swipe. Custom cards are also available (logo, special message, etc.).

If you are currently processing with Vantiv contact them to add gift cards to your account. Then contact our help desk for setup assistance.
If you are using another processor a quick rate quote is available from Vantiv by completing this form:   

Vantiv/Worldpay provides a fully integrated credit/debit/gift card processing solution for RMS with EMV certified hardware. Options include a Verifone vx805 PIN pad with signature stub printed on your receipt printer or an Ingenico ics250 signature-capture hydra device. Both devices support swipe, insert (chip cards), tap (Google Wallet and ApplePay), and MOTO (mailorder, card not present, type in card number, expiry, zip code for cardholder, and security code). 

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