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How to disable EDC (native integrated card processing in RMS)

Prep: Make sure to Z out all registers and settle EDC batch before proceeding. We suggest you make this change after final closeout at night or before you open in the morning.

Run Store Operations Administrator, File, Configuration, EDC tab.

Select 'Do not use electronic draft capture' (first radio button option).

Repeat steps above on all PCs where EDC is currently enabled including POS lanes and any backoffice PCs that run EDC reports.

On one PC run Store Operations Manager, Database, Tender Types, select each credit or debit tender entry, Properties, change Tender type = Credit Card (or Debit Card) to Tender type = Other. On Verification tab make sure 'Perform verification via EDC' is unchecked. Save changes. Repeat steps for any tenders currently set to type = credit card or type = debit card.

Close RMS POS and Manager on all PCs and go back in. Credit/debit transactions can now be processed by external terminal. Cashiers will need to press F12 Tender, note total amount due, and enter that amount on the external terminal. Once approved, return to tender and complete the transaction. 

Note: If you want to avoid double-entry and possibility of transposed or incorrectly entered amounts, consider a fully integrated EMV solution available from our processing partner, Vantiv/Worldpay. This solution includes a free plug-in for RMS that supports chip&PIN, swipe, tap, and MOTO (mailorder/telephone) transactions -- all from the tender screen in POS. Tokenization can also be enabled (apply recurring or future charge to a customer account without card present). Device options include an economical, small-footprint PIN pad or signature-capture device. For a competitive rate quote, CLICK HERE.

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