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How can a customer pick-up multiple sales orders at same time with one payment?

You cannot merge sales orders (layaways, workorders, backorders) during pick-up, but you can charge multiple orders to an account during pick-up, then tender one payment for all.

  1. Recall first order, pickup all or selected items, charge to Account* during tender.
  2. Repeat this process for any other orders being picked up at the same time.
    You can also add any additional items being purchased to the final recalled order before charging to account.
  3. Now assign customer account to POS, press Shift-F4 Payment, and check off the orders being paid (or click Pay All).
  4. Tender as normal (check, cash, credit card, etc.).


- Merging orders is not supported in RMS since that would combine line items and history of each order including any payments or deposits to date. History is especially important for service related workorders if you are running Service Manager since Service Manager tracks the service history for serialized items by customer account. If merging of orders was supported, you would lose service histories on serialized items.

- This is a limitation of Microsoft RMS and is not a function we can add to Serivice Manager or SO Tracker. Microsoft Dynamics needs to alter the base code in POS to accomodate multiple order pickup. The code changes required would need to retain the original order histories. 

- In practice, a cashier can charge 3 or more orders to an account and tender as one payment in less than 30 seconds. While this may not be the ideal solution, it is a procedure that is easily taught.

*Customer Account needs charge privileges assigned under Customer Properties, Account Info tab, Account Type plus a Credit Limit > 0.00.

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