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What is the best way to enter service jobs into Store Operations? Should I continue to use my repair ticket forms?

To process service work in Store Operations you'll want to use Workorders. Features include:

- Service items (job codes) are entered as non-inventory SKUs
- Dept/category classification, such as Assemblies, Installations, etc.
- Fixed or flexible pricing (flex will prompt for price at POS)
- Bicycle Dealers: Option to import Barnett's UFRC with job codes, set to your hourly rate and adjustable as needed
- Works with any existing ticket based system
- Can be used standalone to replace a ticket system (touchscreen, estimator form, and ticket stub options are recommended)
- Reference number for repair ticket ID
- Comment line for item description, 'done' indicator, etc.
- Due date (option to set default turnaround: same day, next day, 2 days, etc.)
- Extra notes can be entered for each line item (product or service item)
- Quick lookup by customer for any open workorders (customer purchase history includes all prior workorders)
- Quick lookup for all open workorders (sort by reference, customer, due date, etc.)
- Line items can be assigned by sales rep or service rep (supporting split commissions)
- Deposit and payment options; customers can also pay for and pickup individual items on the workorder (partial pickup)
- Workorder formats available for 3" roll paper (receipt printers) or 8-1/2 x 11 sheets (laser or inkjet)
- Workorder forms can be customized to accommodate pre-printed forms (laser, inkjet or slip printers)
- Management reports include summary and detailed; view open and/or closed workorders; print or view onscreen; sort/filter options

If you are a bicycle retailer, or similar business that uses repair forms or tickets, attached below is a PDF with our recommendations. This document also discusses the pros and cons of ticket based forms vs. PC workorder processing only.

IMPORTANT: To take service management to the next level, consider DRS Service Manager for RMS. This add-in provides enhanced workorders for RMS with additional fields and scheduling functions. This utility can be use in parallel with a manual ticket system or completely replace one. Options include the ability to print pre-estimate forms and the software can be used with or without the scheduling functions.

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